If you are already decided to make a first visit:

Your initial visit will consist of four parts, so it is always longer than all the others.

Your interview:
We have a space reserved exclusively for you during which we will make a thorough history to know you, and know the reason for your visit; That way we can better guide our examination.

Your exam:
We will perform tests designed to objectively evaluate the quality of your spine and the functioning of the central nervous system. These tests will serve as a reference to compare them with your periodic evaluations and will help us customize the care you need.

Your report:
During this first contact, we will share with you the results of your chiropractic evaluation and what chiropractic can do for you. We will recommend you a plan of visits and habits for optimal recovery.

First chiropractic session:
If you choose it, after all the exam and your report, you can start the same day, as long as your chiropractor considers it appropriate.

At the end of each phase, we will conduct a re-evaluation which will conclude with a new recommendation including the frequency of visits and guidelines to guide you in improving your habits.