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    Alzheimer: can chiropractic help?

    With statistics like today’s on Alzheimer’s, it’s not surprising that people want to do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of being part of them. Alzheimer’s is just one of the…

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    Stress is reduced with Chiropractic

    Fight stress with chiropractic Could chiropractic help you fight stress and anxiety? Could the chiropractor help you reduce your stress? Sometimes we have the feeling that stress follows us wherever we…

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    The crack of the chiropractor

    What do a bottle of champagne and a vertebral adjustment have in common? The noise a cava bottle makes when it is uncovered or the sound a spinal adjustment your chiropractor…

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    A discal hernia is like a stuffed Donut

    Discal hernia? The vertebral bones (the vertebrae) that make up the spine are joined together by cartilage discs. Each disc is composed of a circle of connective tissue and a central…

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    What’s not chiropractic

    Chiropractic is the third health profession in the world and although in Spain is not yet fully recognized. Every time, there are more people who know us and who take care…