Chiropractic is a safe option to restore or improve your health. The word chiropractic comes from the Greek “Keiros” and “Practos” which means ‘manual practice’

Chiropractic deals with the vertebral dysfunctions and its effects over the body as a whole. Any vertebral dysfunction will have detrimental effects over the nervous system, affecting the brain and possibly the peripheral nerves.

Peripheral nerves connect the brain with the organs, any interference in this communication will degrade your body performance. Healing of the body can only be completed when the vertebral system is functioning optimally, and the vertebrae are properly aligned.

Chiropractic is capable of early detection of those interferences, even before symptoms are felt. Chiropractic helps protect and restore internal communication. Chiropractic care throughout life and early correction facilitates the maintenance of health.

The longer you stay under the influence of a vertebral dysfunction, the less the internal forces that work for the maintenance and restoration of health will be efficient; the poorer will be your health and the longer it will take for your recuperation.
In order to correct those interferences (called Subluxations), the chiropractor uses his/her hands or an instrument called “activator” to carry out some specific manipulation of the vertebrae; a vertebral adjustment.

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If you wash your teeth in caries prevention,
Shouldn’t you adjust your spine for the prevention of body malfunction?

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