Chiropractic is a safe option to create more health in your life. It’s the science that specializes in the spine and the nervous system.

The central nervous system it’s formed of the brain, and then, of the spinal cord. From the spinal cord, and through the vertebrae, all the nerve endings go to our entire body: organs, tissues, muscles, etc. The nervous system is the head of our body and, with a functioning nervous system and surrendering 100%, our whole body works better.

There are internal forces that work permanently for the creation and maintenance of our organism. When the internal communication of the body begins to fail, these internal forces take time to manifest and the incoherencies that then result in symptoms and diseases begin.

Chiropractic helps protect and restore internal communication, even before symptoms are felt. Chiropractic care throughout life and early correction facilitates the maintenance of health.

The word chiropractic comes from the Greek and means ‘manual practice’. It is based on the principle that the healing of the body can only be completed when the skeletal system is functioning optimally, what happens when having properly aligned vertebrae.

For this, the chiropractor uses his hands or an instrument called ‘activator’ to carry out some adjustments; the specific manipulations of the vertebrae.

When the bones of the spine do not articulate properly, a condition known as vertebral subluxation occurs; The neuronal transmission is altered and causes a dysfunction in the back, as well as in other regions of the body.

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If you wash your teeth in caries prevention,
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