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Add quality of life to the age of animals

.Add quality of life to the age of animals.

Chiropractic care for animals is the beginning of a more modern and comprehensive approach to the health care of animals. 

It is an effective and valuable way to restore and maintain its strength, vigor and well-being.

And by exploring and treating the root causes (the roots of the body!), Improvement, maximum performance and optimal quality of life for the animals we love are guaranteed.

The animal’s body

Animals have a body very similar to us, the human beings.

It has a nervous system, spine, bones, muscles, the same organs, etc. It differs from a brain evolution, but not from the ‘operation of the machine itself’.

Of course, there are also differences, such as movements, which in animals are instinctive and in humans, rationalized.

There is any problem in an animal?

The animal can have the same problems as a human, only the way to complain is different.

Every, e-v-e-r-y, animal can suffer from back, neck, pelvis and musculoskeletal problems at some point in their life. And like us, they can benefit from chiropractic care.

It is mainly known in horses and dogs, but it is also for all other animals: cats, farm animals and a variety of exotic ones. Even an elephant!

Why chiropractic for animals:

Whatever the age of your animal/pet, whatever your lifestyle, activity or sport chosen with your animal, you can improve your comfort, even your performance with the help of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic will align and balance the musculoskeletal system of the animal, optimizing it dynamic flexibility. By making subtle adjustments throughout the body while paying special attention to the spine and pelvis, health, strength and performance can be restored and maintained.

There are horse riding and canine training centers that have a chiropractor incorporated into their equipment.

Just as tennis players or soccer players (for example) carry their chiropractors along with a physiotherapist and a makeup artist, in horse racing the result is more optimal if the horse has the spine aligned in order to have a nervous system that yields to its maximum potential and to be able to feel great.

Explaining it a little more detailed:

The nerves (the nervous system) control everything that happens in the body.

Command centers of the nervous system are the brain and spinal cord, which are protected by the spine.

The spine is a complex framework of bones (the vertebrae), ligaments, muscles and nerves. If the movement and biomechanics of the vertebra become dysfunctional, they can interfere with the performance of the nerves that branch out of the spinal cord and go to all the muscles and organs.

As this occurs, the animal may lose normal mobility; resulting in stiffness, tension, pain and even organic dysfunction. In addition, when normal movement is affected and left unattended, it will ultimately affect the welfare and quality of life of the animal.

Visible examples of when your animal/pet needs yes or yes chiropractic care:

How to know when the animal can benefit from chiropractic care?

Here are some typical indicators:

  • Limping or limb dragging. 
  • Reluctance to exercise, or the usual walk. 
  • Uneven march (no limp). Different gait, as if necessary to stop. 
  • Changes or deterioration in performance, behavior or temperament. 
  • Stiffness or discomfort or complaint after exercise. 
  • Uneven muscle development. 
  • Signs of any discomfort when you touch it back or tail. 
  • Absence of resolution using conventional methods. 
  • Improvement only with medication, mainly anti-inflammatory.

There are other indicators but these are the most basic ones that we can see on a daily basis.

Example of a testimony experience:

We have several puppies in the office that are patient, they came to the point of surgery and / or limping. They had been very medicated for several days because of their pain.

When the dogs came, after the adjustment, they leave walking much lighter, even, without lameness, even if for you, it seems amazing or unbelievable. And it is usually that they have the vertebrae so badly placed that it created irritation on their nerves in a way that created that pain.

And, of course, the anti-inflammatory relieved them and then you saw your animal almost with a normal attitude, but that is not to solve a root problem, but to cover it.

Chiropractic goes to the root problem, avoiding medication and even operations if possible.

Chiropractic works for humans and animals, all beings that have a nervous system and spine. We will not get tired of reminding you. 

It is important to always have a direct communication with a trusted veterinarian since, sometimes, a joint work is needed and both parties have to be informed of the care the animal is receiving or needs to receive.

Here In this article of chiropractic care together with the veterinarian you can see an article in English with several photos of chiropractic for animals, and in our consultation too!


Be aware of:

The nervous system also coordinates the body’s ability to heal and regulate itself.

The objective of an animal chiropractor is to restore the function and mobility of the involved vertebra in an effort to restore neurological transmissions.

If you have any questions write to us or visit us and we will gladly assist you 🙂 

 Illustration: Collaboration with Sara Caballería.

¡Thanks, Sara!

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