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How to live a good lifestyle with easy and different tips

Easy TIPS for a good and healthy lifestyle. 

Of feeding, of the mind, of the body, with chiropractic care …

Making a change in lifestyle to live a healthier life may seem difficult, but if we think things step by step it is less. And, we are lazy. It’s easier to complain and not to change than to get up and do something that changes what you don’t like.

There are more factors than food and exercise to live a healthier life, here are some tricks for the three health pillars, which are the chemical (food), the emotional (mental-stress) and the physical (exercise-chiropractic) pillars.

And besides, how can we change or improve all the important factors? And how can we keep them?


How would you rate the level of health in your life?

How would you rate your ‘lifestyle’? Easy tips!

Feeding. Keep reading, I’m not talking about diet or brown rice.

I speak of knowing your own lifestyle, a concept so famous but a concept on which we are so unaware I reality.

This can be done by listing how often you eat out, what types of food you buy and which ones you prefer to eat daily.

Sometimes we are not aware of it until we write it. Sometimes, some our patients don’t even know what lifestyle they’re having until I ask them this questions.

We talk to our patients often, and that’s one of the tricks.

Write down your meals for 15 days in a row.

When we have it written in front, things fall by their own weight.

Once seen, making positive changes is the next step.

We can be lazy taking the action, but they are very obvious so we’ll know what work should have to be done.


Many people say they eat a healthy/good breakfast, and sometimes it is something sweet.

When they write it up, or remember that in their last 15 days, they bought a croissant from Monday to Thursday, mid-morning, not Friday because there is free breakfast in the office, and that they have breakfast at home at the weekend, sweet things again, because it’s”weekend time” of course, they argument.

When they realize what they had been having for breakfast those past 15 days, they say to themselves that this should be changed.

How should I change?

That already depends on the person. There are people who hate cooking and will prefer to change breakfast for something healthier for the body. Or to have more breakfast before leaving.

Saving money while stopping eating breakfast outside and getting breakfast from home is another option that many people decide to implement.

More tricks to incorporate and to be able to have a better life in terms of food:

-Don’t eliminate kinds of food:

One of the most misleading things of most diets is to completely eliminate certain foods and drinks.

If you do this, it is more likely that your diet concept will not last for you or that it will be torture until you start it.

It is more realistic to limit its frequency or quantity. There is nothing wrong with small amounts.

And above all, consult with a specialist, a digestive or a nutritionist. That is something unfortunately, as we say as chiropractors, we are not educated in prevention since we’re children.

Do not go to the nutritionist when you are already, addicted to a food, or when you are obese, or very thin and without energy. Although it’s good that you go in those cases too.

We must go to be taught how to eat healthy, and not boring or bland food. And that is what most people do not know what to do. We look there and there, we take tips from one site and another, what Pepa says, our nutritionist, etc., and that is how we end up eating badly.

Each body is different. You just need to just know how does it work yours . Why are there people who feel they need to consume sugar/candy and others don’t?

-Avoid counting calories:

You are not a calorie specialist, stop becoming the expert.

And counting calories has nothing to do with measuring the real amount of food you eat. Everything will be much easier once they would give us a base to begin with it.

That one hamburger is not the same as three of it.

For example:

Did you know that eating more vegetables than fish in the dinner, if that were the dish, will it make you gain more weight?

I didn’t know it either, neither my mother, nor my father, nor my aunt … the nutritionist explained it to us. And we had been putting more vegetables than fish for years, of course. And that was at least one weekly dinner.

– Use the 80/20 rule:

It is not necessary to fell 100 percent full, as far as food is concerned, nor in terms of “what to do” checklists of the day.

When you reach 80%, congratulate yourself. And stop.

The rest is not so vital.

In food, it is not necessary to feel full, the body will work better with a little space, and in terms of stress, this rule also works. To not have so much stress, it is important to have prioritized beforehand, but if the remaining twenty percent is already full too, if you are collapsed, you will do better tomorrow. Try again and again. You will get it.

That brings us to the topics stress, organization, and mind.

There is something very simple that Mel Robbins taught us. In fact, it were two things.

And we could tell you infinite things for each particular case, but be alert with these two tips.

– Countdown:

When you want to do something, as you are thinking it, to put it on practice, and bring it to reality, in a margin of 5 seconds, then, you act. If they take you out to dance, don’t say yes and then no because of fear. If the alarm sounds, do not think about laziness, if you have an idea for something even if you can’t do it right now, write it down and keep it on record so you can do something about it later.

In all these acts, as they pass through your mind, you take them and countdown from 5 to 1, and the, you need to act. How much your day changes in productivity and positivism is spectacular.

– Morning reset:

The other ‘advice’, and I say advice because I don’t know what to call it but here is something we use, it’s a morning reset.

When you wake up in the morning, do not look at the phone. Those first 15 minutes of tea, coffee, hair drying, dressing … whatever your routine is, make a planning. But not reviewing the schedule for today; about simple things that make you be present, much more than you could imagine.

Write things like: my goal or project of the week or month. Small action that I will do today to achieve that. Priorities of the day. What type of energy I have and what I can do during the day to improve it. What was the worst that happened yesterday, and how to avoid it today, and what was the best, and remember it.

And in the physical part, how can I improve my lifestyle?

When you think about living a healthy lifestyle, beyond exercise, we must seek care to help balance things that we cannot control through food or the mind.

– Yes, chiropractic, chiropractic care

You can analyze its denomination for a second: CARE.

Chiropractic care can help balance our immune and nervous system, as well as help with our range of motion.

– Also, exercise. But … you don’t need to go to the gym..

There are no excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I don’t have money”, “I don’t like it”.

The body needs movement to not atrophy (AND WATER, IF I DON’T MENTION IT,  THE BOSS WILL KILL ME).

Exercise can be walking, between 8,000 and 10,000 daily steps.

Another tip may be doing squats while brushing your teeth.

Walk or jump (yes, jump!) while you make dinner and wait for the water to boil.

They are silly things that create movement, it is the only thing the body needs in terms of exercise. You don’t need three spinning classes per week, at all.

Swimming, wherever the type you can do, is always the best exercise, because you generate movement throughout the body without the weight of being fighting gravity all the time. Or because you think that little by little, people get small and shrink …

So many things we don’t know or don’t want to see!

Finding a healthy lifestyle is not difficult, and it is only up to you, to do something to improve little by little and to be the people we have been educated, from now on, in health, and not in disease.

That is why it is important to have healthy habits, since the nervous system is composed of three factors: physical, chemical, and emotional factors. If you always think in a negative way, your nervous system will be altered. If you always move only your right hand, your nervous system on that side will be overloaded. If you always eat foods that do not feed you or do not go well and you do not know, your body and nervous system will be lazy and without energy.

If something is not clear to you, call the consultation or come and see us.  I will tell you the steps in a flash , believe me that this, changes lives; and they are small actions of conscience.


You can also gossip on instagram, there are little things like these posted, almost, every day.

No need to be patient, although I tell you right away, that your life would improve. And that would be a small action that you could take now that you are finishing reading this.

Five, four, three, two, one … we’ll be waiting for you!


 Illustration: Collaboration with Sara Caballería.

Thank you Sara!



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