It is necessary that you protect your connection. What does that mean?

The nerves are connected to all parts of our body, and this connection would have to work to our full potential. Because of subluxations (these vertebrae are poorly positioned) our connection is not complete. By adjusting with a chiropractor you will achieve a well-being, and also achieve and maintain the optimal functioning of the body. That is, maintaining the neural network of your body without failures. Like a cable.

Chiropractic has a unique vision, relates position errors of the vertebrae with alterations in the nervous system. 

The subluxations cause joint and organs dysfunction. For these reasons, it is a good traveling companion; to recover and maintain homeostasis.

Reconnect your brain with your cells and everything will work again just as the body was designed at the beginning. It’s like hitting a switch.

  • Improve your physical and intellectual performance.
  • Improve your mood.
  • Stops cell damage and facilitates internal repair.
  • Provides greater resistance to infections, colds, etc. because your immune system is stronger and more prepared to fight the viruses.
  • Reactivates sexual activity.
  • It allows a symmetrical development: protects from scoliosis.
  • Optimizes the general functions of your body and keeps the organism healthy and in harmony.
  • Lowers the level of corporal stress to work everything well and equally.

It is important to take care of your habits and reduce your stress. There are three types of stress:

Physical stress: poor posture in the womb, childbirth, growth, accidents, sedentary lifestyle in the office, falls or pregnancies.

Chemical stress: processed foods or pesticides, lack of hydration, medications, tobacco, alcohol or recreational drugs.

Emotional stress: everything we have to face in our life and how we face it. Problems, worries, self-esteem or lack of time to connect with oneself.

And do not forget to reinforce your motivation. Everything depends on why you do things in your life. If you have clear who you are and what you do, why you do it and how you feel, it will be much easier to feel full and happy. That, in turn, will make our nervous system not depressed and it will be more difficult to sublux the vertebrae so often.

At Center Quiropràctic l’Olivera we try to give you guidelines for everything, whether physical or chemical. We also have two coaches in the center for this part of emotional stress. A coach to improve your personal work for yourself and your life goals, and another coach for family and maternal stress.

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