Roser is our chiropractic mom with a big family, she has a personal brand of her own, she has written two books and you will see her in magazines like Vogue or newspapers like Ara.

She offers a maternal and family coaching service, realizing that many patients had similar problems, she guide them.

In the clinic, both men and women can receive all the guidance they need to face the changes that occur within a family after the birth of a baby.

How to survive with everything?

She is a family coach, with more than 15 years of experience and lots of families have gone through the clinic.

She design for you sessions to make it easier and less lonely to undertake a change: advice on nutritious and easy menus, even how to organize the schedule of the family’s agenda to have a little time, and to makes everything goes well and you can live with the harmony you want.

She always says that this is the key to everything; May you feel at peace.

We also address issues such as breastfeeding, couple crises, attachment, jealousy between siblings or the challenge of raising a teenager and succeed.

We will be at your side, to guide you in the wonderful process that is to form and maintain a family.