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Reopening After COVID19

Hi Oliveros,

We wrote this entry to communicate several things:

We open on Monday, May 4, 2020.

The Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) have prepared some documents for us following the guidelines published by the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. And  we want to share it with you.

Before, the waiting room was full of chairs for you to be able to share spaces and experiences; now, there will be a separation between chair and chair, as recommended.

The group talks and workshops that we did before, for now, are postponed until minimum October.

Patients, except couples and families who already come together because they live together, will go to the adjustment room one by one, having disinfected their hands at reception and without touching their faces any more.

In the bathroom we will use paper to dry our hands that it will be thrown in a garbage with a lid without touching it.

Chiropractors will wash their hands after any contact with patients with hydroalcoholic solution, as minimum.

Every day the heads and armrests of the benches will be clean, as will the room, the stretchers and the chairs.

We will have two documents at the reception for our patients, one to sign as you become responsible for coming to the center, knowing that we have all these measures, and another so that you can justify your outings and attendance at a place by appointment.

It is also important to show up at the exact time we give you the visit, not before or after, and if the visit is finally canceled, please notify us in advance.

All the little things mentioned, ‘till now, are the ones that do not stop repeating everywhere but they are important, so we will not tire of repeating. It should be borne in mind that many of them we have done before, but we feel it appropriate to share it with you.

Especially if you are looking for a chiropractor and want to make sure of the protection measures or if you are already a patient and want to know how we are going to act. 

We are still the same team. We refresh your memory.

Chiropractic Team: Roser, Loïk y Bianca, who are still working at the same time at the University. 

Cristina is at the reception, and in communication and networks there is Bárbara. 

Having said that,

What a desire for adjustments huh! If you still can’t come, we are on the phone for questions, and  instagram or information and not lose the family thread.

We will be waiting for you!

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