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Technology affects the human body

How does technology affect the human body? And what can we do?

Back pain is a very common problem in our society, and in many cases its origin is in childhood and adolescence. Furthermore, with the early use of technology, nowadays.

Therefore, prevention, and early treatment of back pain in our children and adolescents, should be a priority.

Acquiring good postural habits from an early age helps to have a healthy back when we are adults. Therefore, as parents, we should must monitor the movements and postures that our children adopt.

There are many opinions, statistics, studies, articles … of how technology affects the human body.

The waves of all the magnetic devices that are around us make our nervous system more altered; if everything is in place, it is easier for us to be less affected. That is why chiropractic is so important in our lives. We take care of the body on the outside, but we also have to take care of the roots … and the roots of the body are the nervous system, from head to toe.

We have little awareness of prevention in health.

Let’s change! Let’s educate in prevention since childhood to be able to become healthy adults!

Each time we lower our heads to look at the phone instead of raising our arm at eye level, the head weighs twice its actual weight for each vertebra. That causes them to chafen more and more in a chain, starting with the cervicals;  and suddenly, with X age, there it appears disc hernias, among a thousand other problems.

Some of the studies that exist indicate that in the year 3,000, the human being will have suffered serious evolutionary alterations.

‘A hunched body, a thicker skull, smaller brain and claw-shaped hand’. An “easier” way for the species to support the weight of the skull by looking down at screens all the time. Although the devices are also going to evolve and the head will not duck, but still, being looking at X (screen) all the time would have it consequences.

The sight it gets involved too, because looking at screens for a long time causes headache and eye wear.

Being hyper-connected will affect the brain and the way it relates. So much technology for a human, has consequences. Also to the ailments of the body, not accustomed to so much repetition.

Nowadays, it is already happening. The fact that some people realize this and that’s why they are always relocating their posture causes vertebral instability: starting with the cervicals, which the more we lean on them, the heavier it is for our body to maintain us in a straight position against gravity.

The joints, especially the inner face of the hands, are affected by the technology.

To this, we must add sedentary lifestyle. We go by transport to a place of few meters to do sports on machines, instead of moving the body in its paths and in tasks for which it is designed. The organism works well with physical activity, and that does not mean that you spend two hours a day doing an intense sport. If not, your daily activity should be varied, and, furthermore, you need to walk.

People spend an average of 4 hours bowing their heads, which creates tension in their neck and head. And an average of 8 hours sitting without getting up with the exception to to go to the bathroom, and sometimes, even without that mini-break.

Clues and tricks for children and their bad postures:

Backpacks and the ways to carry it

The incorrect use of the school bag is responsible for the appearance of the first back pain. Although measures are being taken to reduce their weight, it is recommended that the weight of the backpack does not exceed 10% of the child’s weight.

It should be noted the bad habit of carrying the backpack on one side of the body, because it overload that area. The best thing should be to distribute the weight throughout the back, with the straps adjusted equally to both shoulders, and to have an anchorage to the waist.

As the excursion bags, which are increasingly seen in those days.

Although many parents choose the option of backpacks with wheels, they are not always carried in the right way. Dragging with the arm behind it while pulling can increase the curvature of our back. The most correct thing for these backpacks would be to carry it ahead, pushing it like a shopping cart.

Study and work furniture

The height of the table should always be at the same plane as your chest.

With the chairs the same thing happens, you have to watch that they have a size proportional to the table.

The correct way to sit is resting your feet on the floor, with your knees in a right angle to your hips; and your hips perpendicular with your trunk. You should seat near the beginning of the chair pillow, not the back, and to put the all your weight on your schiatibial prominences (the butt bones you always sink when you sit on someone 😉 ). In this way, it is more easy for your body to maintain a proper posture with all the curves of your spine. 

If there is a bad early posture, it indicates that the person has a body imbalance that makes for the body impossible to be comfortable in a correct and optimal posture. That is called misalignment.

Going to the chiropractor to adjust and thus, to optimize the well-being of the body so that it grows aligned is one of the best things we can do.


If we use computers, tablets, phones, etc. To work, the optimal position is what we’ve recently talked just above, and the screen needs to be at eye level. The eyes should not have to go down or go up, badly forcing the nervous system.

The spine has to be aligned for you to be comfortable in that position, and in turn, to make an effort to prevent health.

To Sleep

Our children sleep between 8 and 10 hours every day, it is important that they do it in an appropriate position. You should NOT sleep on your stomach. That, plus the use of mobile phones and tablets, ARE GUARANTEES OF CERVICAL PROBLEMS.

So as we said at the beginning,

Let’s change! Let’s educate in prevention since childhood to become healthy adults!

If you have any doubt, do not keep them; come and talk with us or write us!

* https://www.infotechnology.com/


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