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The cells regenerate when you sleep


The cells regenerate when you sleep.

The quality of our sleep is more important than we think. It is no longer a question of whether we sleep many or a few hours. But also, if it is a good rest. Improve your insomnia with chiropractic adjustments.

There are many general health problems that improve with just changing the habit of sleep.

There are many studies that verify that most people sleep less than 6 hours and that many have trouble falling asleep. If the episodes of insomnia are, merely, sporadic, for some specific concern, it does not have to worry us, but if not, watch out! Because the problem could become habitual and trigger in discomfort or symptoms that we you’ll get used to and you’ll end up seeing it as a normal thing.

Create cognitive problems/issues

The most recurrent problems that affect people suffering from sleep disorders are, above all, problems at the cognitive level. So, consequently, what is most affected is our humor and what we think. People with insomnia, claim (when recovering) that they felt more irritable and / or impatient, in addition to having a rather negative mood.

Lack of sleep also affects learning. The ability to learn new things or to memorize easy concepts becomes an arduous task that creates nervousness.

The privation of not sleeping leads to variation in blood levels in the brain, and the loss of brain tissue. Even brain damage you can not even imagine, if it stretches in time.

It’s beneficial for us in organic issues

Apart from cognitive problems, the lack of sleep can affect your physical health. Several studies have shown that there are people with insomnia and poor rest, who develop serious problems such as hypertension, heart arrhythmias or more production of stress hormones, among others.

A lowering of your immune system is also another of the consequences that insomnia can cause in your body. And when this happens you are more vulnerable to flu, colds or infectious diseases during the year. Since the body does not rest in the right way, it can alter its ability to process and store carbohydrates and, above all, there is an increase in the levels of ghrelin and leptin (hormones that regulate your appetite and hunger).

What benefits do you get to sleep well?

The cells regenerates when you sleep.

The benefits associated with an adequate rest are many. Sleeping and resting well allows your cells to regenerate and heal injuries, or muscle problems. Your cells tend to improve more quickly when you are sleeping. Also, good sleep helps to improve depression and anxiety because while you are resting. Serotonin levels are regulated (this neurotransmitter can affect intestinal peristalsis, regulates stomach function and reduces appetite.) Also, if this hormone is altered, it affects your mood, anxiety and happiness). So, here are some points to consider when you sleeps between 7 and 9 hours a day.

What does insomnia have to do with chiropractic?

We found a study where the benefits of chiropractic are observed in patients suffering from insomnia problems. The study of 221 patients who had suffered from insomnia for at least a year, shows us that, after receiving the first chiropractic adjustment, they noticed an immediate improvement. When the study ended, only 8 of the 221 participants did not notice any improvement.

If you are getting chiropractic adjustments it also improves the circulation of your blood flow of your nervous system, which generates you a greater relaxation. When there are subluxations that oppress the nerves, there are blockages (or failures) in the communication between your brain and your spine. If these blockages persist over time, without correcting, they can generate a chemical imbalance of your levels of dopamine and serotonin. The vertebral adjustment allows to correct the levels of said hormones, resulting in a better quality of sleep. The chiropractor has the ability to find these nerve interferences. They are what prevent your body from resting in the best possible way.

It is true that, together with the adjustments, sometimes you have to make a comprehensive care plan. You may need nutritional supplements or changes in your  lifestyle.

What else can I do besides go to the chiropractor to improve insomnia and sleep quality?

To help solve insomnia and get a better quality of life you can do two important things:

  • Reduce the intake of caffeine and sugar.
    It is not necessary that you stop taking them, only you need to start to be aware of when you take it, because you can switch to decaffeinated coffee in some occasions, like at noon. At least try. And do the same with the amount of assortiment of sugar you are surrounded. Refined white sugar, brown sugar, whole cane sugar; or  the sweeteners type: honey, agave syrup, maple syrup or sap.
  • We are not saying do not intake sweet, but look at the quality of the candy and why you eat it. Analyze a little if it is anxiety, fatigue, the necessity to eat processed or fast food, etc. Example: chocolate croissant or organic cocoa cookie. 
  • Consider the possibility of adding stress management techniquesYou do not have to do yoga every day, in fact, you don’t need to do it any day,  if you do not want. Neither you do need to meditate with a YouTube video. Only if you take a few minutes for sitting down, looking at the sky, and thinking about your body is a time of meditation. We are not used to thinking about just one thing.
  • You can also use supplements, always under supervision.

Your chiropractor or your nutritionist can surely recommend you natural vitamins or foods that are called superfoods.

In Quiropractica l’Olivera there are many people who after the first review of the tests we do after beginning chiropractic care, whether or not they had any sleep problems, they improve their rest and sleep quality.

If you have insomnia, come and see us, and we will tell you more extensively why we can help you. If you know someone with this problem, tell them. Sharing health and preventing diseases is our mission.

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