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The generation who manage emotions in a wrong way

The what? The generation of poorly managed emotion? Do symptoms and emotion have anything to do with it?

We see many people throughout the day, week, month …

And once a week, and then another at the end of the month, we usually assess how the month went for us. What types of patients come to our consultation, those who refer us, those who stop coming, those who continue their care, etc. No longer by typical company statistics,

if not to see in which energy field we are. At what moment we live. 

Example of emotion VS symptom:

The week that cold did come, that is, about three weeks ago, we had many cancellations. We had many messages and calls of patients with colds that were already in their bed resting and taking medications or patients who were going to their home to treat their cold. And the only difference in this is the desire or understanding of the person to both chiropractic and the normal physiology of his own body.

Obviously if one has a horse diarrhea, it will be difficult to move.

But if you have a fever, your body may use an adjustment. At the time when a cold is caught, the nervous system was no longer working at its 100 percent to perform all its functions of: DEFENSES, GO TO DEFEND THIS BODY! And that, it can be for infinite reasons. These reasons would be encompassed in three fields, as I explained in different articles like ESTE that is vital for us about different ways of living in a healthier way.


These three fields that we should have to take care of are: the physical, the chemical, and the emotional.

Do you see the relationship between the three? If the emotion is wrong, the chemist worsens, the physicist too, and thus, in a loop, or even in the reverse order.

Do not believe that someone catches a cold from getting cold. There is a barbarity of people who go well sheltered and just the week they have a personal disgust or something happens in their work, they get the cold. What a coincidence, uh?

The only thing that tell us that happening is that your defenses have lowered, and we are going to explain that even, in this case, chiropractic can help you.


Because when suffering stress, from any of these three fields, the body is short-circuited. And a chiropractor performs the function of ordering all those cables inside your body so that you can work at your 100%. (Chiropractors of the world, don’t kill me, I’ve written it in this way so that non-technicians could understand me).

We have many patients that we call ‘veterans’ and who call us before a meeting, a work trip, a personal change, or an exam season.

It usually go like this

-‘Hi! I know I don’t have my appointment ‘til two weeks from today, but I move over the next  weekend and just on Friday I have a final quarter exam, and my stress body will explode. ‘

– Sure, come today or tomorrow at X hour.

So are our conversations.

We have a planned agenda, and never a day goes by without at least 4 people being added.

That is one of the things we like the most, because it means that we have taught well what we want to convey.

When a first visit comes, with a medical condition or symptom, from the beginning we explain that obviously that thing X will improve, because the cables will be in place, but that the main intention of chiropractic is prevention.

We have “veteran” children, 

(children who are already 20 years old but I call them children because I met them whey they were little kids) who have had a cold once in their life. That when making difficult decisions they’ve come to get adjusted, and that they follow the recommendations of health and prevention to the maximum.

These is the people who should dominate the future, babies.

And going a little further, in the holistic section, many times when we see a person with something repetitive or recurrent we integrate biodecoding in our talks. Yes, we work the nervous system and the spine but whenever someone comes with a repetitive symptom, it usually coincides with something repetitive in their life as well. Something not managed, not closed, a bad drink, etc.

For example:

A person who needs to stop, can end up breaking a leg if he does not understand the small things in life (fever, cold, contracture …).

A person who talks too much without thinking can often get his voice out, or something related to that aspect.

Or the repetitive problems in the skin, which are rages or tantrums that we don’t know but basically remain “there untreated”’.

Many times the symptom tells us what’s happening in our life, what we can’t manage,  but we don’t want to see, hear or admit it.

So, do symptoms and emotion have anything to do with it?


To start with something, stick with this:

When undergoing a stress of these three types, the nerve tenses and the vertebra moves, or vice versa, and hence the low defenses and the possible cold or bad management of emotions begins.

Silly things like: 

– Getting cold,

– to feel rejected,

– having an emotional distress,

– to have a problem other than normal to manage,

– going through an eternal and sad day,

– to not express something you need to say or tell,


and a long etcetera that I summarize in: life.

So if ‘life’ happens to you, you are in time to prevent many things that we see later in older people that say: of course, I should have taken care of myself before.

I leave you this quote of this article of La Vanguardia that we loved:

‘A person who is always in a hurry can develop a thyroid nodule, which sends more thyroxine and increases the body’s metabolism, that will make it faster.

‘Everything we capture through the five senses, the neurovegetative sensors that come from inside the body, what we think or imagine, translates into biological reality. ‘


We are the generation of poorly managed emotion, for all the world changes that fall upon us without deciding it;

Decide something, decide to take care of yourself.

¡We’ll wait for you in our consultation!

 Illustration: Collaboration con Anna,

¡ Thank you, @annetplanetcomics !

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